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The snow–

Its been snowing for past 2 days here, this is unusual for this part of the country. It seldom snows and never this much. This snow storm has knocked out the power of over 200,000 homes. Thankfully there is power in my house as we speak but who knows till when.

Now in an event of no power, how will i survive? Trying to put it out

Snow Snow everywhere
Snow Snow everywhere in seattle

I am home alone ,so a power knockout would leave me damn lonely in a terribly quite neighbourhood

Food: Some banana,around 20 seedless oranges(oh yeah seedless),some dark chocolate bar(from belgium;).Bread. By the way stove runs on electricity so no cooking, yeaa

Entertainment: Macbook, please don’t die. It supposedly has 8 hrs battery may be able to take me through night .Oh wait, no internet :O:O..Maybe some old movie on my laptop

will use the ancient art of paper pen and write something,oh but no light, have some small LED lamp

Heat: May have to burn something if it becomes unbearable, till then i will just roll up in tonnes of blanket

In case electricity doesn’t come back in a few days(more than 24 hrs) will have to resort to carnage, disillusionment and hallucinations. Might have to go out to vandalise once supermarkets to get the last packets of food. Will pick up a baseball bat to fight out competing scavengers

might have to mark my territory and break the stairs to prevent night crawlers to reach my high first floor house. Might have to start eating non vegetarian food as will start hunting. Will also need to join some hunting tribe to keep my stomach fulfilled

I might shift to a nearby supermarket and make it as the adda of my newly found civilization. Still thinking what to call it.


dancing monkey
chilling out





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