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Lousy questions get lousier answers–the power of your freaking brain

Ask lousy questions and you will get lousy answers….

Was listening to Anthony Robbins yesterday and this one line hit me hard.its absolutely true. We all Know that somewhere deep inside still keep asking lousy questions.

Ask how not why cant

You ask why I always loose ,ur mind will answer “because you are an idiot..

you ask why she is not with you…ur mind will answer..because u didnt deserve her u dumbo
you ask why you dont loose weight…..answer: you are a pig

why i cant do what i want to do…answer: because you are a looser

Mind is a great rationalizer,it will come up with an explanation for everything,irrespective of how dumb stupid or lousy the question is. To top it it will give you even more idiotic,dumb and irrelevant answers. It will mark you as a looser if someone you loves leaves you,it will mark yo as a pig if you just couldn’t loose a few pounds,an idiot if you couldnt understand some simple things.
There could be many explanations but the mind can come up with the worst ones,maybe that person never loved you anyway,maybe you just never eat anything healthy,maybe you were not concentrating.
Keep asking lousy questions and your mind will give you lousy answers.. If you wanna be happy,stop lousy questions. ask the reverse questions
How can I be successful? —well maybe you should try and do something you like more
How can I loose weight?—Eat healthy ,go to gym
How can I hold on to someone I love?–Tell her every day that you love her .If already lost ,find someone else she may not be worth it now. Don’t mess yours and her life
How can I do what i want to do?– come on ,seriously? You already know what you want to do,just do it. Time to take some risks
See your mind come up with awesome answers,try it . you will be surprised how creative your mind is.
One personal example: I wanted to do something extra in my college,some job or something for experience . I always asked myself,why cant I do something,why am I unable to find something,why cant i think of something
Well as expected my mind rationalized it, it came up with many excuses
because you are not good enough yet,
You are stil learning,
you dont have time etc etc etc.
Finally one day I asked myself,what can I do?I dont really know the motivation behind it but it came
And thats when the mind started ticking,It started throwing me a lot of options and i kept rejecting them as per my convenience
How about call centers? No night time
How bout tutions? Naaa not really in the mood to deal with parents
How bout something on the internet? Too much fake stuff and not really getting the motivation
My mind for once was like a shopkeeper trying to sell me something. It kept giving me options ,some extremely weird that would have freaked out my parents like parking attendant ,newspaper boy,milk man
This went on for some time and then it hit me. I used to do a computer course at an institute called JLJ along with my engineering.And i was really good at C. I hardly learned anything there because I had already studied everything in engineering. How about teaching there.
So there I was standing at the gates of JLJ ,Went to my teacher  and asked her ” You want a part time teacher”
She said yes,you know anyone?
and I said yes  he is standing in front of you.
Immediately the owner called me for an interview and within one hour I  was on the job. Teaching saturday sunday,drawing a decent pocket money(around INR 2500 per month) and mostly I was with friends,teaching them :). Some of my batch mates became my students for other courses. Taught BCA,MCA,DOACC A levels,built my resume,even started teaching group discussion classes ,gave my Ego a boost :).
Only thing that changed was that for once I asked myself what I can do instead of why I cant do.
If you go to a doctor with a disease do you ask him/her “How to become well” or do you ask him/her “Give me a reason why I cant be well”
This line brought back all the things I once was and maybe am not. That simple honest way of training my mind asking the right question. So here is a simple thing people. Reformulate your dreams ,reform your questions,reword them.
Just ask your mind HOW and not why not.
So Whats your question now?







  1. Penelope J. Avatar

    Madhur, I just loved this post. You have so many lousy questions and lousy answers, and I can relate to a whole bunch of them. Liked the Mind is like a shopkeeper image. Also, how you asked your teacher just the right question. You’re definitely on the right track!

    1. madhurchadha Avatar

      Thanks a looot Penelope 🙂

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