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iDiya -National Social Venture Competition by Indian School of Business #iDiya

Every year Indian School of Business pulls up its socks to conduct iDiya ,  the only Social venture competition targeted at working professionals and early stage social ventures.

So What is a Social Venture:? A social venture is a profit-making sustainable business that works towards solving a social problem. This venture generates its own revenues,earns its own profits and solves the problem.

For eg: Hyderabad Goes Green, a for profit venture that is helping Hyderabadi’s  go green.

I have a strong belief that social ventures are the future,they are the ones that will make the next big impact .

So if you already have a social venture or even if you have an idea and want to test it out , I urge you to apply to iDiya. If selected ,you not only will be given a 1 week boot camp at ISB where they will train you on how to start but also will get a chance to pitch to VCs and investors.They already have over 1.35 crores funds available.Some of the biggest names in this sector are partners with iDiya.

To register :http://www.isb.edu/idiya/

Promo Video:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7RYIUns7pE]





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