Tag: english poetry

  • Just a Moment

    It just takes a moment, for a moment to become a Moment, and before you realize the moment may become a missed moment, because maybe that moment ,you were mistaken It wasn’t The moment but it really was That moment.

  • Walk away

    No tries no fails, No bonds no chains, No rights no wrongs, Just walk away— and we never will know. No death or no life

  • #50Voices, Global poetry recording of poem #Someday an inspirational poem

    50 people come together to record one inspiring poem….Project #50Voices

  • Moon Lit night

    Clouds whisper to the moon, as he passes her tanned face, curtains her with white smoke, to rave themselves in a secret place, I, breathe in silence, peeping over the window sill

  • Being Bad is the best good

    When your conscience doesn’t kill, with you ,you can live on still. When you can walk over promises broken and you leave the inflicted wounds open

  • Charter of happiness

    A cup of tea And salty biscuits to go along My charter of happiness… A little drizzle and some sunshine to come along

  • Life Goes on

    There will be a time when u’l fail, a time when u will fall down, u wil wish dat this life should stop, because what you expected you dint get but mark these wrds as footsteps in ur mind, Dont weep dont mourn because wHateva happens this life goes on…