Kabir Das ke Dohe 2 – Aisi Bani Boliye Man ka Aapa Khoye

An attempt to re popularize Kabir Das Ke dohe . I record the dohas and talk about their meaning

ऐसी वाणी बोलिए मन का आप खोये |
औरन को शीतल करे, आपहुं शीतल होए

This one is ” Aise Bani Boliye” a doha about the virtue of speech.

Do you have a favorite doha by Kabir or any other author? Please let me know. I would love to record


Alse see

Kabir ke dohe 1 , Dheere Dheere re mana. Recording with meaning


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2 responses to “Kabir Das ke Dohe 2 – Aisi Bani Boliye Man ka Aapa Khoye”

  1. Rahul Kumar Avatar
    Rahul Kumar

    Kabir Das ji ke Dohe dil ko bha jate hai

    1. Madhur Chadha Avatar
      Madhur Chadha

      Baat to sahi kahi

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