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YOLO motor cycle stunt

YOLO – Ok , so what?

YOLO :(You only Live once) a common phrase that precedes most stupid, idiotic and sometimes fun plans people have.

People use it to justify doing anything that does not fit the traditional way of the world, for doing things that are unexpected of them, for breaking the “rule”, for nor having any “regrets”.

But what regrets?

Isn’t YOLO also symbolic of – No matter how much “fun” you have, and how many “rules” you break, it still does not matter?

It still is what you intend it not to be.

Is it really about having fun or, dealing with the inevitable oblivion?

In the end, how does it matter one way or the other?

And what is this fascination of not following the “traditional” path?

This is like saying you would not like the Taj Mahal because millions of others have been

So what if your life follows the same path as many others before you?. You are still doing it for the first time

So should you not have fun?

No idea—Let me think about it while I eat some Dark chocolate, sip some great coffee in my comfy recliner chair.










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