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What is motivation

I have been wondering, what is motivation and how do you get it?. There are many theories and many ways people tend to describe it

It is when you cannot sleep to achieve your goals

It is when you do not mind stressing out for a better tomorrow or sometimes just because

But then , why is that? Is motivation a result on your trials to fill in some gap? You want something because you need something and hence you are motivated to achieve it. Does it imply that not being motivated to do anything implies you are actually content ? This makes motivation seem like something you would have in a non-ideal state

And why does motivation sometimes strike you at weird times? Like in the middle of the night when you just wake up to write something , just because.When you become restless for no reason and sometimes when you feel all charged up by looking at the success of others.

The motivation you get by looking at success of others , is it even motivation or just a manifestation of your jealousy that your mind gives a positive spin to?Perhaps you think you are good person and do not get jealous of others but when that ugly demon crops its head, you mind puts a mask of motivation on it.

Bearing that in mind, should we even act on motivation that is motivated by success of others?

What is true motivation and how do you even get it? Does it just strike you , or you work hard enough till you are motivated to work harder?

Are you expecting me to answer this? Sorry, I am just as confused as you are






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