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What if money didn’t Matter

Had to share this,

We all want to be happy, love our work but do we really work towards that? Why do we make choices based on what pays more and not satisfies more?

Do you not want to wake up everyday and look forward to going to work? How long can we live a life of running after money?

We spend our lives trying to earn more money, every decision in life is based on what makes more monetary sense .How robotic is that life and how sad is that life

This possibly is the reason that most people now hav almost no hobbies, they life starts and ends with work. Go do a sample survey, ask people around you how many of them  have a hobby still and what have they done about it?

Why do brilliant poets stop writing because of work pressures ? Can you imagine the number of sonnets we might have lost?

Authors put down their pens because something else pays more.Imagine the number of masterpieces we lost

Yes, I may be accused of considering money and happiness mutually exclusive , but that is not what want to say. What I want to say is that STOP weighing every life decision based on economic merit, life will be over before you know it.

All the economic merit, the so called success will evaporate and won’t matter , what will be left is memories and happiness that will stick on to you. What do you want to see when you look back? A life of trials and errors  and joys and happiness and satisfaction or a life spent shifting to the more lucrative ,more economically viable places and options?
Live an inspired life, a life that inspires you and maybe the generations to come. When you die and people say , he died a happy man, doing what he loved doing ,that is when you know you had a great run. So, work for it


Here is a brilliant video someone shared

DO have a look, it’s worth it, very inspirational
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nif01WZ9aI&w=560&h=315]






3 responses to “What if money didn’t Matter”

  1. sandhya Avatar

    its true u cannot always keep running behind money but then the people around are so programmed that they feel that a person not running after money is absolutely impractical and mad.

    1. madhurchadha Avatar

      You are very right Sandhya, its the happiness we should run after

  2. sandhya Avatar

    i just hope this enlightens their mind.

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