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50 Voices: Collaborative Voice Over Project

Do you like listening to poetry?

Over the past year I have received a lot of love and support from people for my poetry and 50 Voices collaborative poetry voiceover projectrecordings. A few month’s back I started recording Poetry submitted by Amateur poets and I was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of talent people had. To be frank I was surprised how come some of them are not yet established names in the literary circles

Now taking this collaboration to the next level. 50 Voices

Here is the plan: I will write a poem of about 50 lines and 1 line each will be assigned to the 50 volunteers spread across the world. These volunteers will record that one line via a webcam or any simple video recording camera .Later all these lines will be combined to form the poetry . A nice background score will be added and and finishing touches given.

Are you interested in featuring in this Video?

If yes , put in your names here: https://www.facebook.com/MrUnreasonable/posts/396451497092815?comment_id=3348783&offset=0&total_comments=23

Or navigate to the Facebook Page:


and add your name there. As we speak we already have 16 registrations so hurry 🙂

Any suggestions/ comments welcomed








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