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Tough love

A viral video ”

Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen.

of a dad shooting the laptop of his daughter is doing rounds since past 2 days . So what really happened


it seems his 15 year old daughter posted some really nasty comments about her family in her Facebook post titles “To my parents” with choicest of words and filled with rage .Claiming they abused her and treated her like a slave.

Best part she made sure she made that post hidden from them,but as luck would have it she forgot to remove the account of her dog(yes they had a facebook for their dog) from that post. When the father loggen in to the Dogs account to post some funny pictures he saw that comment and was hurt.He had warned her before also about not posting slanderous comments on facebook,but it seems she didn’t listen so the dad did what he had promised earlier. He drove bullets through her laptop,recorded a youtube video and posted on her wall as a lesson to her and all her friends cheering her

Now you can get all the details in the video embedded above.but where do you stand on this?Was he right or wrong?

I read throuh his facebook comments,followed his feeds and this is what I get

1. He is not Insane: As per me he is a really mature guy who actually loves his daughter. His actions might have been a little over the top but he didnt do it for fun.

2.He knows parenting: read his views and comments and you will find that he really knows what he is doing. Did he abuse his daughter? No, did he hit her or mentally torture her ? No.

3.He probably did that because he had run out of options: In America, you really dont have much options.He had earlier grounded her over facebook comments but now it was too much. She was cursing her family in front of the whole world.

Think about it, you disrespect your parents in front of 10 people what will you get? BAM a slap in front of those ten people.

4.Girls friends are also to be blamed: She possibly wanted attention in school and this is what got her attention.And her idiotic friends were cheering her on her comments on how cool she was. She portrayed as if she was being abused and finally was speaking out and hence the support of her “friends”


and as we speak good parenting, there is this chinese couple that makes their baby run in his shorts in bare snow.








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