Poetry on last day of college

Recently a few students of Aligarh Muslim university approached me to record a poetry for their seniors to be played on the last day of their college . This poetry was a gift from the current batch to passing away batch on their farewell.

I loved the gesture and am happy to have been able to contribute

Poem composed by: Dr. Aftab &  Abid Nadeem Nomani , shatir

This poetry style was inspired by my older poem : Nostalgia ode to college life and friends

Nostalgia ..The Complete Orignal Poem(Hindi) full text

 Haye    ye   kaisi  ghari  aa   gai hai
Musibat   ye kaisi bari aa gai  hai
Dil ye karta hai, aansoo bahata rahoon
Khud bhi rota rahoon, aur rulata rahoon
Kitne haseen pal the, jab yaha aaye the
Nadan wa be aqal the, jab yaha aaye the
Ghar se door  aaye to bara darr lagta tha
Kaise kat payega  mushkil  safar lagta tha
Kabhi humko batate the ye kaam galat hai
Baron se oonchi hai awaz ye baat galat hai
Kabhi dantna aur do batein sunana
Fir agle hi pal aakar seene se lagana
Wo bhi kya din the jab senior se darte the
Darr ke mare classon me raha karte the
Magar wahi bare jo paraye lagte the
Hame har waqt nazron me bithaye rakhte the
Unki judai se ye aankh bharr aai hai
Kalam kaanp raha,awaz bhi bharrai hai
Unka wo chhoti si baat par humse rooth jana
Aur fir kamron me aakar khud  hame manana
Wo baat baat me hame bura bhala kahna
Magar tahzeeb ki batein bhi bar mala kahna
Kuch bhi ho ,tumse  bahut kuch seekha humne
Tumse jeene ka saleeqa seekha humne
Tumse har mor par wafa hi wafa payi hai
Chot pahunchi jo hame aankh teri bhar aaihai
Jab kabhi guzri hui baton ko yaad karta hon
Tum se har aan mulaqat ki faryad karta hoon
Kya tum hame tanha chhor jaoge
Kya tum kabhi laut kar nahi aaoge
Hum jo thokren khayen to sambhaloge nahi
Kya hame  ab andhero se nikaloge nahi
Kya mere dilko tadapte huye dekhoge
Kya meri aankh baraste huye dekhoge
Bahut si baten aisi jo keh nahi sakte
Magar kahe bina bhi rah nahi sakte
Hazaar  shikayaten hon  sub maaf kar dena
Tumhare bhai bahen hain maaf kar dena
Zara dekho in ankhon ko kaise roye jati hain
Jo inme noor thaw o noor bhi ye khoye jati hain
Tumhare baad ab is dard par marham nahi hoga
Hamari zindagi me pyar ka mausam nahi hoga
Kaun lafzon ki jadoogari sikhayega
Kaun likhna padhna hame sikhayega
Fail hone par kaun hame himmat dilayega
Kaun naqal karne ke tareeke batayega
Tum na hoge to dharne pe kaun baithega
Administration ki galtiyon pe kaun bhadkega
Tum se seekha hai mohabbat me inkar na karna
Tum pyar to karna magar izhar na karna
Tumse seekha hai ustad ki izzat kya hai
Tumse jaana hai ki sachi mohabbat kya hai
Tum chale jaoge to hamara ladakpan bhi jayega
Jawani bhi jayegi, hamara bachpan bhi jayega
Bahut yaad ayega guzra zamana
Marhaba ki pastries  wo bobby’s ka khana
Wo munna  wo jeetu  wo rabbani ki chaye
Wo mamoo ki biryani wo momos fry
Tum hi  the sabhi kuch tumhi ja rahe ho
Ye kiske  hawale kiye ja rahe ho
Hame rulake tumhe bhi sukoon na ayega
  S.S  hall aur shame I.G  na  bhool  payega
Hamare saath  ameer nishan ki yaad ayegi
Fir uske baad raton ki neend jayegi
Abhi bhi yaad hai bina sherwani dining jana
Aur har lukme ke sung tumhari daant bhi khana
Hawai chappalon ke sung murga bana diya tumne
Ajeeb hunar tha murge se anda dila diya tumne
Zindagi meri adhoori hai adhoori na rahe
Tum jahan bhi raho bus dil me doori na rahe
Dard me hain suhaib aur gham me zafeer
Aankh me aftab ki hai yadon  ka  dher
Kahin aisa naho waqt ki andhi me kho jao
Fir uske baad humse milne na aa pao
Zindagi me milne ki faryad karte rahna
Mil na paye to shatir ko yaad karte rahna
Aftab hai mera nam aur ye tha mere seniors k lye ek chota sa paigam
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Nostalgia – Ode to college life and friends (English)

Nostalgia English

Since long have I waited for this day

wondering what ahead of me lay

I used to say,for 4 years I survived this

then how come when its over something seems amiss

A lot is left unsaid and unheard

a lot of memories still unstirred

who will now make my nick names

who will take all my blames

with whom will I bet on the lyrics of a song

was it dong dong or bong bong

Who will be my wingman when I hit on someone

who will be my support, when there is no one

When we decide to study the entire night

but end up gossiping till its bright

Who will tell me all my awards are trash

maybe I should sell them for some cash

Ohh those days

When we used to sit and laugh at someone for no reason

When talking to a friend’s enemy was nothing but pure treason

When we could call dibs on anyone we saw recently

and all dibs would be treated pretty seriously

Who will tell me i am great when i am down

and when i am flying high will drag me down without a frown

who will be my michief maker and partner in crime

who will fight with me over just a dime

During exam times who will wake me up and ask me to run

But then also pour cold water on me ,just for fun

Who will call me from back seat and ask me to look at front

then laugh when I take the teachers brunt

I dont know if this will happen again

please tell me  we will meet again

There is lot left to say

how I wish these times could stay

Life will throw a lot of challenges and there is a danger

SOmeday our best pal might be a stranger

it will become hard to recollect names

forget our old stupid games

you can laugh at me today I wont mind

Will save it to bring a smile on my face

when life gives me the grind

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Nostalgia of Nostalgia

Nostalgia ode to college life and friends
Nostalgia ode to college life and friends

Its been exactly 1 year and a few days when I recorded my first poem, Nostalgia an ode to college life and friends . I still vividly remember how a few days before it I was so excited because one of my video with me playing “When i say you standing there” by Lobo had touched 5000 views. It was an achievement for me ,because atleast 5000 people had found it worth to listen to me.

I remember, i recorded my video, posted on youtube and posted on facebook. I did not wait for any comments from my friends because i was so sure that i will get brick bats. College friends have a strange relationship, even if they like something they will first laugh at you, its the purest form of friendship.And i was expecting that.

Next morning when i woke up, i saw some comments on my facebook,none of them was making fun of it. Almost everyone loved it,some even shared it. My video getting shared? Am i dreaming.

But little did i know that it was just the beggining, i checked my scores on youtube, 2000 views in one night(6 hours actually). What 2000 that too in 1 night.

I was super excited and started checking my scores every few hours , actually every 15 mins :). By the time I woke up properly and took bath it hit 10,000 and I knew it was going to be Big.How big i didn’t know

To say that I was obsessed with the number of views would be an understatement. I received a flood of comment on youtube from strangers and random people. I replied to every single one,thanking them for listening to the entire 5 min video with only me reciting a stupid poem without even a single picture

Then there were predictions, my mon guessed it will reach 1 lakh and stabilize, I was hoping 50,000 . But within a few days it surpassed

Nostalgia ode to college life stats
Nostalgia ode to college life stats

me, the video was released on 18 January 2011 and on 23rd january alone it was viewed more than 40,000 times.

It was my 15 minutes of fame, I coud not fathom what just happened .I even got Facebook invites from a few TV actors telling me that they loved it. Heard about 7th heaven? I was there

Yes it had truly gone viral. Since then I receive a few hundred views on that video everyday. It gave me confidence and I pulled out my old poems and started recording. None of them was as successful but definitely well received  . I met some wonderful people ,who became regular listeners. I recorded many poems and composed a few songs after that. Released Nostalgia on itunes,amazon etc and became an official artist 🙂

Battled with piracy, saw many copies of my video posted by people claiming as their own. One idiot actually muted out my name before posting again ,I got many of them removed but still felt good because people found it worth while to copy:)

At its best, was the 36th most viewed you tuber in india for the month of February and march 2011, just ahead of amir khan productions :D(yeah briefly I crossed that channel) and malaika arora khan. Oh I am so egotistic 😛 but I am happy to have lived that moment

Some people used my poem in their scripts(though they claimed it as their own :P) some said that they all got together on last day of college to listen to my poem as a batch, some recited it in their farewell functions. Boy was I proud.:).

And thinking that I wrote this poem in 2006 and never recorded it,I almost didn’t publish it online also because I felt it was crap and people wont understand my monologue. People will not identify with it . And here I was reading comments such as , “I never thought a poem could make me cry” “I felt as if I have known you forever, you were speaking my language”.

So this was my 15 minutes of fame.Now I am also an RJ, trying to make a mark in this field of voice overs just because some people on internet found it worth while to listen to me and share it with their friends. Till date on YouTube it has been viewed 260,000 times and countless times on Facebook copies .Can I thank those people enough? Maybe not

But I will keep writing. And this post is to Thank all those people who just by listening to me added a whole new dimension to  me. Before that I was an engineer who could write a bit of poetry , now I proudly say, I am a poet by heart and engineer by profession . You made me do something I always wanted to do , to be frank i would never have dreaded to tread this path seriously had it not been because of you guys ,so thank you

As a small gift, I am distributing free MP3s to first 30 people of any poetry they want. I know you can easily get it from any file sharing or piracy sites , but its fun to get it legally, isn’t  it :D.

here is a link to my youtube channel

Also you can see my videos on this page Videos



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Nostalgia –Ode to college life and friends–Hindi Poetry

Raah dekhi thi is din ki kab se

aage ke sapne saja rakhe the najane kab se

Full Text Nostalgia Hindi Poem

~By Madhur Chadha

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