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AskMe app review

Recently was asked to review the APP Askme ( which claims to be the baap of all Apps. So what exactly is AskMe? Askme basically has 3 sections Directory: This is supposed be a directory of everything. Eg, you search for mobilephones and it shows you mobile phone shops nearby you(It has access to your

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Dan Brown’s Inferno: The The Book Book is is Repetitive Repetitive : Book Review

I am less disappointed with the plot than the story line. Every thing starts with Robert Langdon finding a clue in Dante’s work , going to a particular fancy location and telling himself how he has been here before and marveling at how he marveled the architecture with minute details and how this time would be different . It seems so repetitive that I felt the author had a fixed template to just fill in.

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Timeless You by Deepak chopra: Review

Recently I was approached to review an online course called Time Less You by Deepak Chopra. Before I get on to the course itself, let me first speak about the website that hosts the course, Really easy to navigate, find information and complete the courses. The course that I did, and am still doing, let

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