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Tata Indica Vista D90 review – First Look

Vista D90 Volume controls on the steering
Vista D90 Volume controls on the steering

I recently got a chance to drive around Indica Vista D90 before it’s official launch for three days and have been tweeting and updating about my real-time live experience with the car as it happened.

Here is a gist of my and my friend’s (who accompanied me for various test drives)  experiences.

First Look:

Not drastic change in the exteriors except the contrast roof, which I simply loved,  and the headlights. the interiors as expected were very spacious and well done.

Best was the volume controls over the steering wheel. Can be real handy when you are driving and listening to music


Power: With 90 ps engine this car definitely packs some punch. The acceleration is superb.

Turning Radius: Can I say I am in love with it’s absolutely fantastic turning radius. Very easy handling and superb for the Indian roads

Steering Wheel controls: Volume controls and phone controls are ON the steering wheel , saving the irritation and inconvenience to the driver.If you are one of the ultra conservative drivers like me, you either would depend on the person sitting next to you  to change volume or simply avoid it as much as possible. With controls on your steering wheel, it makes life much easier

Power Windows: they have included standard power windows and standard one touch power window for the driver.

ORVM: Basically it means you can adjust your side mirrors from inside. Loved this feature as you do not have to open windows in scorching heat to adjust the side mirrors, especially the passenger side

Lumber Support and Height Adjustment: Yeaaa, finally. The drivers seat’s height can be adjusted to suite the driver and yes they do have lumbar support for your back.What is Lumbar Support?  In simple words, the seat adjusts slightly to give support o your lower back. It is like keeping a small pillow for your lower back. Can prevent a sore back on long drives. Wish more cars have this simple but essential feature


It can officially seat 5 people  and has enough space for all. the leg space is good . In is a fairly spacious car with a large boot space. One issue though is that there is no headrest for the third person on the back seat. Would have loved it


Now the Improvement stuff

Cabin Insulation: The car I got was noisier that I expected. Possibly the insulation was not that great. One thing to note is that generally diesel cars are noisier than petrol

Shockers: I am not sure what they did to the shockers but the previous Vista was smoother. It was not as smooth as expected on

Indica D90
Indica D90

bumpy roads

Initial Pickup: Let me put that in simplest words ,acceleration from 30kph-60kph awesome but acceleration from 0-30 a little dismal.This may not be a problem generally


With a price of approx INR 7 lakh on road, I would say this car is definitely a value for money and should be in your consideration set while deciding to buy it







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  1. manik Avatar

    Loved your description, simple and elegant. Will test drive this car…looks intersting

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