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AI is our Generation Gap

You will feel old soon. Remember the generation gap you feel when you try to explain tech to your parent?

Well #generativeAI will be our generation’s generation gap

Eventually only a few of our generation will get the full potential.
But our kids will be born in it, shaped by it

Like computers took our parents generating by surprise even though it started showing signs when they were in their prime…The same is happening now.

I am preparing myself for asking annoying questions to my son about how to work something, but I am afraid he will delegate that task to an AI too 😛

This new “tech” gap may eventually not be that big due to a more inclusive nature. It requires no new skills to use it…

There will likely be no setups, no trainings(Like annoying voice matches) , no breakdowns you could even fix..

It will be a blackbox that will simply “BE” and you just interface with it naturally





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