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Writing is selfishness

The cursor on my writing app blinks thinking I will have something to say . Appear ,disappear,appear ,disappear , once per second ever so patient ever so diligent ever to expectant.

Why do we write anyways? Seems like a rhetorical question .

Because we love to write? Or something else.

Many people say that we write for ourselves and not others, it makes them happy,but then a lot of great writers claim to have died a bit with every book they wrote . Why write?
If life is nothing but a race towards the oblivion then what is the point.

Perhaps we all know that that oblivion awaits us and we want some part of us to be left behind. Something that will not die till there is conscience life that understands our language.

It seems like a fight against the inevitable, a fight to achieve permanence in some form. Human beings have always fought for that.
Many go out quietly but many kicking and screaming and spewing thoughts ideas that changed the world.
Many used their worldly successes to leave behind monuments and macbaras that still stand long after people even forgot who they were .
Is it some sort of urge to create something new, arrange the words in a fashion that perhaps is truly unique. Words that have been used together before but not in this order, not to express this feeling, not to evoke that response?

Do we write for us? We already know the story in some form in our heads, we already felt that emotion that sheer joy or pain , then why write and share?

Because we write for others, to make them feel the way we felt , to let them know our story, to linger on in some sense when we are gone . It is not for us , but us wanting to imprint them with our thoughts that drives this .

Writing and sharing then can I say is a form of selfishness?

Yup I am selfish too






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  1. Mimansa Shastri Avatar
    Mimansa Shastri

    loved it

    1. madhuradmin Avatar

      Thanks Mimansa

    2. madhuradmin Avatar

      Thank you Mimansa 🙂 Glad you liked it

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