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When an NGO becomes a Plagiarist -Help Us to Help the Child (H.U.H.C.)

About 1 year ago I saw an NGO(Help Us to Help the Child (H.U.H.C.) copying my blog article on their home page without permission or attribution .
Since it was an NGO I decided to be patient . If they had shown the basic courtesy of asking for permission, I would have given it but since they did not, I simply asked them to simply remove it.

I know how slow the processes can be in an NGO so I waited for 4 months to get a response .

They responded by apologizing and assuring that the content will be removed . It has been 8 months since then , still the content is there . I think after 1 year they ran out of the courtesy and goodwill people might show towards an NGO , hence exposing them as plagiarist.
My Blog copied
Their site –Check “How Can I Help” section
Their Facebook


Plagarism Help Us to Help the Child (H.U.H.C.)


Help Us to Help the Child (H.U.H.C.)






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