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Random Videos from my Youtube Playlists-Music Version

Visited my YouTube favorites, Liked videos and watch later playlists , its great to see how your likes and things important to you have changed over time. Songs that you listened at-least 10 times a day have not been played for years , some things you felt were great at some point seem pretentious and some that have come back as if the life goes in circles.

So here are a few Random videos from my YouTube history . Mainly Music, will do a non music version as well .

Sharing stuff that I probably have not shared before 🙂

Gurdas Mann –The Man The Legend: The sheer energy of this video is infectious, I feel like dancing. Oh and not to mention the outrageous color riot in his clothes , everything in the video is just bubbling with energy and possibly only Gurdas Mann could have done so

Jack Johnson and a guitar makes magical music. Really wanted to learn this song on Guitar. Still do 🙂

Ok I loved this song, mainly because of the beats….Don’t judge me…I was young 😛

The Time I got introduced to Mystery Guitar Man and his Awesomeness

The Angels have come, Angels have come..they are called Celtic Women


Get Away from me –What should I even Say- I LOVED THIS ONE. Possibly something many youngsters feel…as if they don’t exist , lonely in a crowd , ignored …oh those “trying to fit in” days

Ok this one was in my Liked Videos so I better share it 😛 . What Should I say, Great Cinematography ? uhm uhm

Not sure when i added this but it’s sweet 😛 ..

I am not ashamed to admit that I liked loved Taylor Swift’s song Love story, but have you heard the Man version of the song

Since we are on the topic of Original songs..Here is what I re-discovered ..A song on Mario Kart 🙂 Its so damn sweet

One Regret in Life : Could not see Jagjit Singh Live performance

Another Love Song..

That’s all for today Folks 😛







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