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How do I introduce our services in a blog site without it being flagged as spam?

There was an interesting question someone asked me to answer on quora

How do I introduce our services in a blog site without it being flagged as spam?

Any contact without solicitation is Spam, so technically commenting on my website advertising your next big thing in blogging is spamming

Having dealt with a lot of spam on my blogs , I can tell you that there is nothing more irritating(exaggerating) than a spammy comment passing the spam engine(i use askmit, it blocks 1000s of them)

So word of advice, don’t simply send out random comments advertising your service. Ideally bloggers should find you via word of mouth or by search engine(More on that later)
But there are ways to get attention of site admins
As a blogger and site admin of various sites, here is what gets my attention(depends on admin to admin).

How to get Site Admin’s attention about your blog service

1. Actually comment: Read my article you want to comment on and actually post a relevant comment and then maybe advertise your service or just tell me , or simply leave that in your name and URL portion of the comment. If it is interesting I would look at it. Make a good comment(means relevant) , make it difficult for me to remove it. A blogger loves nothing more than a comment, its our ego boost , our nicotine
2. Send me a personalised Email : Instead of spamming comments , use contact page, almost all bloggers who have this page would be checking emails sent via this section. And this better be personalized again, if it is spammy and just talks about your product , chances are it would be automatically flagged and removed by the spam engine. Tell me why do you think my site would be a good fit for your services, give me examples of why it would fit
3. Reference Reference Reference : How hard it is for you to at least give me reference of other sites/people using your service? How can you even forget that in your email. It surprises me how many people simply ignore this basic thing.Tell me that XYZ news site used your service ,that techcrunch covered you ,[contextly_sidebar id=”H47VxtoUmyVuK4UAtK0msoM7EMmllkV3″] and I am sure to check your services out
4. Why you? Ok this is something I almost never find in any of the “blog service” selling emails . Why should i even consider you. No I do not want to know what you can do to my site , tell me WHY you? Again point 3, tell me your clients , are you cheaper than others, better than others , have a great team(show me their credentials)






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