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This Election: Vote for Reason #GetInked

This is how I thought elections should work

  • You decide what is important to you in a candidate
  • What you can and cannot tolerate in your MP, what are the deal breakers
  • And then you see which party candidates pass your sanity criteria
  • Finally you look at the party as a whole , its manifestos , it’s leaders , vision

It seems counter intuitive to go the reverse way, where you first decide which party to vote and whatever they do becomes acceptable .


it is funny to see that people say, “I am not voting for BJP but Modi”, and use this as a means to satisfy their conscience for ignoring all that is wrong with the party. Most of them conveniently forget that we only get to chose candidates and NOT prime ministers .

Assume: Due to coalition, Rajnath singh or Nitin Gadkari and maybe Jaylalitha becomes the PM..That TOO would be your choice, because you thought you voted for Modi, but in reality you voted for the candidate in your jailalita as PMarea.

if you are consciously voting for a person who you think is of lose moral character, are you not really giving him./her a license to desert your leader of choice when a lucrative offer is made? or do you expect sudden surge of morality in that person? A simple suggestion to vote for the best candidates in your area with possibly no criminal charges that bother you is met with -“We want Namo as PM..period …”

Same is the case with AAP candidates and congress, if you are against voting for people with serious criminal cases against them, there is absolutely no reason to vote for them if they are AAP candidates.

In all cases would not it be prudent to at least know your candidate ? at least read what cases are against him/her (check http://myneta.info) and be sure that you are comfortable with them. if you are voting for someone you do not trust, know that you are voting for someone you do not trust and factor that when you vote.

So this election, #VoteForReason,  #VoteForLogic and #GetInked






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