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Biased Journalism in India: Times of India

Journalism has always been a muddy place. Many news agencies and TV channels have their leanings based on political backing and ownership . It’s no secret that many people believe(including me) that media can be influenced easily by the powerful to not only under report but to simply ignore the popular issue based on what suits the power lords.

But there are very few moments when the journalism on an issue, as overwhelming as the emergence of a new powerful political force which could change the way elections happen in this country  ,is so shoddy and so damn one-sided by almost all news agencies  that you simply lose faith in all forms of organized media.

This is my attempt to look at how Various news agencies(Online news portals) reacted and reported about when #AAP (Aam aadmi party) Sting tapes were first released and the further coverage after AAP got hold of the RAW tapes and exposed the blatant lies.

This blog talks about Times of India: India’s biggest and sadly the most visited news website

When the edited sting tapes were first released

Sting operation against AAP leaders, Kejriwal cries conspiracy; Shazia Ilmi offers not to contest poll

Points to note:

  1. A detail of what exactly was shown in the tapes
  2. A reference that Anna Hazare condemned them for taking all this money which was collected at Hazare’s agitation for election purpose (without mentioning that Anna merely asked for clarification and did not condemn him and also stated that he believed it was false but) wanted to confirm

Placement: I do not have screenshots but I remember seeing a lot of news like this on TOIs Front page , displayed prominently

Stung Aam Aadmi Party says it will sue portal

  1. Again a reiteration of what exactly was shown in the taped
  2. Statements from media sarkar and AAP
  3. Defence of AAP(Good thing)

When AAP got hold of RAW footage and showed what all was edited, what all was added and perhaps proved that it was all doctored to malign them

Point to be noted: Absolutely NO Mention anywhere on Home page of TOI

Money given to media houses to defame us, Kejriwal says

Points to be noted:

  1. Headlined does not mention anything about Media Sarkar’s manipulation of tapes
  2. No mention of how the tapes were manipulated
  3. No mention that Anna announced that he will support AAP candidates and that Arvind is clean
  4. Mentioning that AAP gave clean chit to all it’s candidates and no mention of why, even though enough details were furnished by AAP
  5. Home page mention(cannot see now) of Nutan Thakur resigning from AAP without seeking clarification from AAP on what post she holds(NONE). You can register 100 ppl in AAP by paying 10 rs each and resign next day to make news


Maybe I have a bias, would love to be proved wrong…





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