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8 Days of wilderness-Post 2-Kolkata Airport

Reached Kolkata at 12:00 , and my next transportation is at 8:oo PM(train to jalpaiguri)…8 hours to kill . Did not dare to leave the Airport .

Surprisingly found this Internet Cafe with cubicles unfit for any normal sized human to fit in , at the airport.

Killing 1 hour here , sipping overpriced coffee and a taking bite of what looks like stale sad witch. The keyboard at the cafe does not have any letters visible, playing guess what letter I am game. One key “I” is actually a different Red colored key, looks like a trigger to some bomb…let me try again IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. Ha nothing happened here at least.

I think I should stop cribbing , possibly I hate cubicles and waiting and bad key boards and stale sandwiches 😛

Possibly my last post till the end of the trip




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