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10 Random statements

  1. MY Mac book clock is screwed up because of bootcamp windows, my cellphone does not auto sync after a restart and there is no wall clock in my room. Only way I find time is by Googling “Time”. No internet=No perception of time
  2. I am writing a list of 10 things or statements or whatever is coming to my head,what an brilliant idea I have
  3.  Marriages are scary things
  4. I have walked not more than 20 meters in last 2 days, I should get off my bed more often.
  5. We all are hypocrites at some level..No Not you, but others
  6. Something just bit me, was that a mosquito? Or something else that flies, what if I get dengue
  7. I am actually Jobless , in between jobs hence not covered by medical insurance. Please don’t fall ill
  8. A trip vs a new Camera–Economic decisions .Should I take a loan?
  9. Am I hungry or does my stomach always make these noises
  10. Who farted?


So here is the challenge, list down first 10 random things that come to your mind and share it in comments or on your blog(share the blog link)..

Best one would be featured in this blog :P..Randomness rules*

*Applicable only if I receive some good number of entries..let’s say 10






3 responses to “10 Random statements”

  1. Nivedita Avatar

    1 – the sun does shine in the middle of the night.. not here, here is night. but its noon somewhere right now!

    2 – I think i will grow wings when i wake up tomorrow and take flying classes! 😀 so excited cant sleep!:P

    3 – i work in the dark on my laptop so the screen light is the only thing illuminating in the room.. I play shadow games infront of the screen.. not shadow but making stufff up with my hands infront of the screen.

    4 – In the field of butterflies a catterpillar is feeling left out.. it just needs to eat and sleep

    5 – when i was a kid I’d throw talcum powder on the floor and play skating! 😛

    6 – I’m hungry and in a dilemma should i get out bed make something and eat or just sleep and cook something in the morning.

    7 – imaginge losing weight my exhaling the excess amount of fat 😛 if only fat could evaporate in summer!

    8 – Laptop battery gonna die and im too lazy to get up.

    9 – Sigh….. Yawn……. stare at screen.. check the time.. calculate how many hours of sleep till i wake up… sigh… yawn… no decision yet!

    10 – in the movie 2012.. they depict huge mass of water folling over the himalayas.. but theres no water sea on that side of the mountain range! Dummies goofed up Geography!

    1. Madhur Chadha Avatar

      haha this is epic…..m gonna post it as a new blog post itself 😛

      1. Nivedita Avatar

        Oh thanks! Btw..if you are reposting..please give me an opportunity to correct the silly typos… It was middle of the night & I wasn’t paying attention.. Folling.. This was embarrassing 😛 there wasn’t n edit option.

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