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Delhi Rape:Prime Minister’s Lame statement ,yet again

This statement was issued early Saturday by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. delhi-gang-rape-case-prime-minister-manmohan-singh-condoles-girls-deathThe lines in red are mine

“I am deeply saddened to learn that the unfortunate victim of the brutal assault that took place on December 16 in New Delhi has succumbed to the grievous injuries she suffered following that attack.

I join the nation in conveying to her family and friends my deepest condolences at this terrible loss. I want to tell them and the nation that while she may have lost her battle for life, it is up to us all to ensure that her death will not have been in vain.

Honorable  Prime Minister, why only her death? What about 500+ women raped in delhi each year?

We have already seen the emotions and energies this incident has generated. These are perfectly understandable reactions from a young India and an India that genuinely desires change. It would be a true homage to her memory if we are able to channelize these emotions and energies into a constructive course of action.

Oh really? Is that why peaceful protestors were lathi charged, subjected to water canons? . Is that the reason you shut down metro stations so that people cannot reach the protest grounds? Is that the reason ,not even a statement condemning the idiotic  comments made by politicians ,claiming that rape is invited ,comes from you?  Is that the reason sir?. Please enlighten us

The need of the hour is a dispassionate debate and inquiry into the critical changes that are required in societal attitudes. Government is examining, on priority basis, the penal provisions that exist for such crimes and measures to enhance the safety and security of women.

Since when? Since when have you been doing this Mr PM? Why did you need this incident to react? Why do you wait for the public to reach a tipping point before you react. Was Delhi being the RAPE CAPITAL not enough for you?Do you mean to say that you will lead your tenure reacting to public outcry only? Is that the call for action? Were you not aware already? Did we catch you by surprise? 

I hope that the entire political class and civil society will set aside narrow sectional interests and agenda to help us all reach the end that we all desire – making India a demonstrably better and safer place for women to live in.

“Yes exactly, that is exactly the reason why  President’s(from your party) son called the protesters ‘dented painted women’ and even claimed that women who go to discotheques have no right to protest’. Why was that? Oh let me guess , to appease the sick mindset men? Maybe he wanted to be the hero of the backward chauvinistic male population? And yes, no action was taken against him, forget an action sir, why did you not come out and say “You make me sick Mr Mukherjee” and yes Why did Mr President not issue an apology? 

I pray for the peace of the departed soul and hope that her family will have the strength to bear this grievous loss.”

Seriously? That’s all? Is that a copy of your every speech Mr PM? Where is the apology for failing to protect the women in THE CAPITAL of India? Where is the apology for treating protesters like terrorists?

My I remind  you sir that a few months back similar protests happened when a women was raped in Gurgaon. Where is the action for that Sir? Where is the apology for NOT DOING ANYTHING?Do you not think Delhi and Gurgaon are similar in that respect?

Where is the apology for empty words and broken promises? 

Let me tender an apology to you sir. I am sorry that we, for a brief moment at some point in our past, believed in you . Yes we are sorry sir.

 Mr PM, as absurd as it may sound, there are still people out there who believe in you. You are our Prime Minister, you are our representative, people need hope and courage from you and not dispassionate Lame statements.

We need passion sir because your Debates have failed. We wanted to see you taking a stand, tendering an apology on the behalf of government , kicking out the President’s son ,rapping the delhi police, firing the people who called for lathi charge, asking the delhi government the same questions we are asking and being as strong as you seemed while signing the nuclear deal.

But alas: You failed us, yet again. Please post this statement on your website and keep the “Incident” column empty. Whenever there is a crises we will fill it up and consider it as your official statement





4 responses to “Delhi Rape:Prime Minister’s Lame statement ,yet again”

  1. mun Avatar

    they care a damn for us…its only each and individual who can actually do something by changing their mentality and attitude towards women. you can introduce strict laws etc but cannot change the mentality of the people.

    1. madhurchadha Avatar

      You are very right Mun..It requires a mentality change ..stricter laws is not the solution

  2. Rema Avatar

    Hi Madhur,

    I totally agree with you and Mun. Even if stricter laws were introduced, how can you expect a nation (with people who say ‘rape is invited’) to change unless there is a total change in their attitude? But how can we bring about a change to their sick and dirty mindset?

    I appreciate the great work that you are doing by bringing out the facts through this blog. More and more people should participate in such discussions so that more people will be aware of such social evils and spread the word through this wonderful medium called the web.

    The other rape crimes that took place in the country even as the protesters were marching through the capital shocked everyone. What the hell is happening in our country?

    It hurts to think that we are citizens of a country where there is no compassion or even a feeling of remorse among the people who are silently watching from the topmost echelon of the government and who only read prepared speeches when there is a crisis. They simply don’t want to take real action. What if the victim was their own kin? Have they ever thought about that?

    I wonder how and when there is going to be a transition in this country – in the mindset of the people. Thank you for sharing great information in this blog. I find it very informative and useful. Keep up the good work Madhur.


    1. madhurchadha Avatar

      Thanks Reema,
      You are right, we need to change the mentality . It is very sad to see the leaders showing no compassion.
      At least as citizens we need to have more conversation online and offline. Recent initiative to get public involved was good but i am skeptical if the laws even of created would make any dent.
      They recently punishment rape laws tougher but will it really solve the issue?
      I am all for stricter punishment but do not believe it will solve the issue
      Thanks for stopping by

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