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Creating Advertisements

I love creating advertisements because it is like story telling, it needs to capture an Idea and tell a brand story in a few seconds or minutes.

Recently I have been involved in creating various video advertisements and promotions for various events and clubs at  Indian School Of Business

Listing below some of the work I was involved with

I am generally involved in conceptualizing and post production that includes editing, voice overs ,effects etc. There are many more individuals involved, see the end of videos for credits

1. iDiya: National Social Venture Challenge by ISB. Introduction Video: 2012

2. ISB Super League 2012

3. Titans: A Team at ISB Super League

4,. iDiya: Why iDiya Video

5. Solstics 2012 : ISB Alumni Meet: Welcome Video

~By Madhur Chadha


3 responses to “Creating Advertisements”

  1. Ruchir Avatar

    Your why iDiya video is too good. amazing voice. Great work Madhur 🙂

    1. madhurchadha Avatar

      Thanks Ruchir 🙂

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