iDiya -National Social Venture Competition by Indian School of Business #iDiya

If you feel strongly for a social cause and have an idea of a social venture that can help solve the issue, you should be trying for iDiya–National Social venture competition by Indian School Of Business

Every year Indian School of Business pulls up its socks to conduct iDiya ,  the only Social venture competition targeted at working professionals and early stage social ventures.

So What is a Social Venture:? A social venture is a profit-making sustainable business that works towards solving a social problem. This venture generates its own revenues,earns its own profits and solves the problem.

For eg: Hyderabad Goes Green, a for profit venture that is helping Hyderabadi’s  go green.

I have a strong belief that social ventures are the future,they are the ones that will make the next big impact .

So if you already have a social venture or even if you have an idea and want to test it out , I urge you to apply to iDiya. If selected ,you not only will be given a 1 week boot camp at ISB where they will train you on how to start but also will get a chance to pitch to VCs and investors.They already have over 1.35 crores funds available.Some of the biggest names in this sector are partners with iDiya.

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