My Daughter’s Facebook(play)—part 3(final part)

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Please read part 1 and 2 before proceeding

My Daughter’s Facebook(play)—part 1

My Daughter’s Facebook(play)—part 2

Husband holds her hand and guides her to the computer room, the room is dusty with an old PC with CRT monitor, They had gifted sapna this PC when she was doing her 10th, later she switched to laptop and her mom dad starting using it . It was a rugged p2 PC with windows 98, hardly supported any softwares but the old couple hardly needed anything, they just needed to check Sapna’s pics and maybe search for a groom on matrimonial sites

The husband logs on to the PC and makes the lady sit next to him. He opens Internet explorer 6, and clicks Facebook bookmark Sapna had created for them
In username he puts in Spna’s Id and keys in the password while the lady looks at him in bewilderment, anger and sorrow
She feels like a person sentenced to death, waiting for death sentence, she doesnt want to live neither wants to die. She is confused what she should feel
Husband: It has been three months, I can no longer do this Suman. You know i did it for you to ease your pain but i think now it needs to end

He clicks ok and sapnas profile opens up. She had 499 friends just 1 shy of 500. Her wall was filled with messages from friends …

Miss you sapna
Sapna,wish you were here
Sapna, i so wanted to talk to you today
This is insane sapna, i hope i am dreaming
tell me its one of your classic pranks sapna..please tell me

the husband clicks settings—>privacy settings–>makes the wall visible to all

then clicks report profile—>mark deceased . In proof of death he puts in a url of news article published 3 months back.

Road accident kills 27 year old Sapna, a promising life ends in disaster .

The lady becomes quite, doesn’t seem to be even breathing , her head rests on her husbands shoulder. The husband starts crying profusely, he was tired of being strong


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