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Day 6–Super Kids–India is safe

Today was the puja for Swamijis Ashram,this ceremony is called the shanku sthapana where a shank(sea shell) is buried in the ground.
Before the puja had to remeasure the puja spot according to the feedback from a temple expert, it should be 9.5 inch square with 2.5 inch walls.
Anyways nothing spectacular about the puja, what made my day was an interaction with some farmers kids.They were of about 5-6 years of age.
Was able to befriend them easily and had them posing for the camera in no time, thats when I decided to do an experiment, I gave them my camera and complete freedom to play with it. To my utter surprise these kids turned out to be amazing,they learned to take pictures with almost no instructions from me, mind you they don’t know hindi and I cant speak a word in telegu. These kids learned everything by observation, within no time they were making others pose for pics and even figured out how to zoom in and zoom out.
They understood technology as well as image composition and things like half press focusses and full press takes the picture mostly on their own. These were the kids who have barely been exposed to technology,even electricity is a recent phenomenon for them
It reaffirmed my faith that the kids are smarter, all they need is  a little exposure and a little push and they can do wonders. Looking at these kids I felt safe ,these people will be running the country in the future and it feels right.
It reaffirmed my faith in organizations like Lead India 2020 which work with them to help them realize their potential.Most of the pics below are taken by those kids

Bid adieu to them after the puja,felt bad as I had just made some new friends, taught them a new way of good bye…a High Five 🙂
At night attended a south indian wedding, did you know the girl changes clothes 3 times during the wedding :O:O….dont know how they manage makeup etc…
Finally crashing at narothams place..Big days ahead.

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Growing Down



Have you ever watched a kid play? Who hasn’t.

Always active,happy,smiling running ,easily distracted and doing something new every day and every second.

They keep on doing different uncanny things that might amuse,irritate or anger people around them.

But they don’t stop,if they have to try they have to try. If they want to put your phone in their milk they will,they want to touch all they keys on your keyboard they will,they want to run around in circles they will.

They like experimenting,they do what makes them happy and not because they might be good at it or become good at it.

Then ,they grow up. At every step society teaches them one thing “Focus”. Focus on what you are good at,focus on what you could be good at,focus on one thing.

Now they do things to be good at it rather than because it makes them happy. Well nothing wrong in it, that’s how you become successful in the society.

SO many things to do
The worlds beautiful ,don' stop yourself. Be a kid ,Grow down

But the question I have is: “why do we suddenly start to feel the need to focus when we grow up?”. Why can Kids be Kids and adults need to focus?.When we look at mother nature ,we are still kids. We still need to learn so why this sudden urge to leave everything else and focus on some.

Yes focus is important, but then why focus on one ,why can’t  focus be on all?

When a person is good at one thing we call him successful or smart but if he/she is good at many ,we get the likes of Da vinci and Michelangelo.

So why do we ask people to focus on one thing,why cant we bring about a change where it will be expected for people to focus  on many?.

If a kid can be expected to learn to walk and identify shapes and colors why are the expectations so low when we grow up?

Why can’t we be more like kids? Looking out of the glass window and running after every pretty butterfly we see , once in a while?

Be the guy/gal with finger in every pie,do everything you want to do once in a while. Stop focussing on just one thing,you may be missing out on soo much fun and experiences by not doing other things.

Don’t tell me you don’t want to sing when you see a great singer,your feets don’t tap when you see someone dancing,you don’t get the urge/wish to paint once in a while or you don’t feel the need to capture the beautiful scenery in your camera.You may not be good at them,you may suck badly in them,you may be the worst singer ,dancer, poet ever to have existed or will exist but..think like a child,would you have given up? Would you not have at least tried? just for the heck of it,just to see how it feels. So go ahead try.

If you are good at your question would be what else are you good at? Do people really like being good at only one thing or doing only one thing?

Thats not natural,absolutely not. Look at Kids..can they be made to do only one thing?

So here is the time to grow down a little,think like a kid. Do something more,even if society tells you you cant be good at everything …whats the harm in trying?

Do what makes you happy once in a while!! Be a Kid


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