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The fault In our stars

Reading every word, afraid that I missed a line or just skipped the meaning, not because I am not sleepy, but because it is almost impossible to put this book down.
Impossible because the book is so damn perfect!

You feel like you know the characters, Hazel and Augustus are you,  someone who are dying but still living. You feel the tinge every time they say OKAY. How can an author make such an inconsequential word so damn meaningful ?.

You feel the pain when they try to live a  normal life in spite of the abnormalities ..surreal beautiful heartbreaking yet ….

I am at loss of adjectives now.

You weep when they weep, you laugh when they laugh, and you fear what they fear. It brings you face to face with mortality yet preps you up to live.

Pain they say is relative, yet absolute.

I am not a fan of Sob stories, but this is no sob story, this is not about death or horrors dying, but about living, however brief it be.

It is not about being heroic, but about being humane and embracing our fears, fears of oblivion, fears of hurting others .

The book will make you cry, will make you smile, ponder, question, accept .It will take you through an emotional roller coaster while still keeping you transfixed at the miracle, the miracle of life. I don’t even know If I am making any sense any more. John Green from nerd fighters…You are a Genius !

I will leave you with 2 of my favorite quotes  from the book

It seems, the universe wants to be observed .

You don’t get to chose if you get hurt in this world, but you have some say in who hurts you

Go read the book Fault in our Stars


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Also , they are making a movie out of this book, which I assume is equally good

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