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Video: Valedictory Speech at Indian School of Business

This is the Video of my  Valedictory speech at ISB. A Valedictory speech is like a farewell speech or a graduation speech given on last days of school or college. 

 On almost the last days of my School Life at Indian School of Business at Hyderabad , I had given a valedictory speech which was very well received by many. It was a great humbling moment for me(Some people in audience gave a standing ovation, possibly one of the best feeling you can ever have:). So here is the video for that speech. The text of valedictory speech is already available on my site.

The text maybe slightly Different from what I spoke on stage (impromptu edits on stage while speaking :))

Feel free to switch on Captioning on youtube to see the text while listening.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAgJyLhR4Ac]






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  1. jagadish, VMYF Avatar
    jagadish, VMYF

    Thats a wonderful speech madhur ! congrats!

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