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Time Deficit: English Poem

Time deficit- English Poem

A beautiful poem on lack of time

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZhOeGolFpQ]

Full Lyrics:

life oh life you have lost your shine
where is my precious oh precious dear time
the clock is running a hundred meter race
my heart beat is also shooting up its pace
I want to laugh
but where is the time?

I chew faster, I walk faster, i talk faster, i dream faster
my breath has shortened
my morals forgotten
My hello has turned into a hii
and hi soon turns into a bye
appreciations have taken a backseat
My only social interaction is a mere tweet
I want to enjoy
But where is the time?

The sun seems like a pendulum swinging up and down
it takes just a second for dusk to turn into dawn
light turns into darkness,darkness turns into light
like a bulb swithched of momentarily and then turned on bright
summers evaporate and condense into rains
rains then freeze into winters
Winters blossom into springs oh so soon
I want to dance in the monsoon
But where is the time?

The beats of song are faster
the speed of my car is faster
The roads are are a roller coaster
I want to go on a drive
But where is the time?

but where is the time?

Written by: Aditi Chadha Mehta





One response to “Time Deficit: English Poem”

  1. Rajni Sinha Avatar

    so very true—a picture in words of contemporary life.

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