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Out of Sight Out of Mind


You recognize that boy in the corner?


Yes he was with us some time back

Now he sits there in the corner, mellow, singing his own tune


Oh yes, he does not speak much

Doesn’t have much to say

is found in the corners of pictures somewhere

Trying to fit in the narrow frame


He can be easily missed,

not the one remembered first


Not the one with jokes

Or the latest gossip


He speaks only when spoken to

 He slips from a party and no one notices

like his entry

He is the boring type


No, it is not that he has no stories to tell

Or tales to speak of

Just that, he thinks no one would listen


But if you were to catch him in one of those moments

Or were the one who broke the ice

You will know..


You would know that there is an ocean inside

an ocean of emotions, and words unspoken

of songs unsung, and tales untold

tales of lands far and wide

of places that no one knew existed

or places which exist only in his imagination


Oh he can take you there

Tell you tales about things that matter

Touch your soul and maybe heal your heart


he is not the one to speak

he is not the one to break the shell

because he is weak and afraid

of the world

he knows  when he is out of sight he is  out of mind


yes he the same one

who you don’t remember

~By Madhur Chadha
Special Thanks to Priya Vadaya for critiquing and helping with valuable suggestions on this





6 responses to “Out of Sight Out of Mind”

  1. Vaishali Jain Avatar

    Sounds familiar… Thumbs up for this one! Keep writing! 🙂

    1. madhurchadha Avatar

      Thank you Vaishali 🙂
      glad you could relate..
      i guess many people share this feeling

  2. Chhavi Vatwani Avatar

    Can definitely relate. nice poem.

  3. Chhavi Vatwani Avatar

    Can definitely relate. nice poem.

  4. madhurchadha Avatar

    Thank you chhavi 🙂

  5. madhurchadha Avatar

    Thank you chhavi 🙂

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