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Airtel I Give UP

Dear Airtel,

This letter of mine is to publicly accept my defeat in the war to get you to resolve my simple requests.

You might have seen my earlier post where I complained about your poor services .To my utter surprise ,when I mailed you that link, you actually called.I was expecting a dead pan silence as usual from your side and this sudden change actually made me think that you actually might care about your brand.

I was informed that you have corrected my name but for my email ,instead of correcting it, you simply added another email ID .As a result you kept sending my bills to both my actual ID and to some madhurchanda .I have no clue why would anyone do that and what was your customer rep thinking when he/she decided to keep the wrong ID as primary ID and add the correct ID as secondary ID.Anyways that only airtel can tell

You also promised me that you will call me back in 72 hrs with a new number and my request has been escalated, this did give me some hope BUT as expected ,your escalation turned out to be a sham and no call came.

Worst part was that it was not just an oral but an actual WRITTEN commitment .Again I emailed you asking what happened to my number and this is the reply I got

Thank you for your mail to airtel and the opportunity to assist you. 

We would like to inform you that as per the Service Request, your email ID has already been updated with the email ID  and the ebill is registered with the same.

Are you kidding me? You guys actually DO NOT read the emails,its all machines.Anyhow I went a step ahead, I posted on your facebook page and you know what response i got? “NOTHING”

I thought maybe my case was special, maybe your systems are so messed up that you are unable to find my details ,so I looked at other posts on your page and to be frank I was SHOCKED. You guys read nothing, there is a very standard reply to all posts

we are extremely sorry for the trouble caused. We would like to make it up for that and assist you on the same. A humble request to send us your contact details at www.airtel.in/airtelpresence and we shall contact you at the earliest. Thanks.

I discount the fact that people will post on your page only when you have a problem, but what matters is how you handle it. Is this your response to their problems? And you know what was the funny part

  1. Most people actually posted their phone numbers including name right there but you still asked them for contact details(Are your customer reps seriously THAT DUMB)
  2. Many complaints were not even complaints, one guys posted about how he hated your song and you asked for his contact number(For what? send goons to beat him/threaten him)
  3. Many people posted after that that they already sent you all details , but you still did not respond

there was absolutely no followup.

So here are my Broad assumptions of what is wrong in airtel customer service

  1. People handling facebook CANNOT read english: Chances 99%.This would actually explain a LOT
  2. Airtel possibly wants to wrap up its mobile services, no one would give such pathetic service.Or it has become too confident that they are too Big to fail
  3. Airtel customer reps are rated according to number of tickets closed, so they close tickets without actually resolving them.They do not mind lying blatantly.
  4. There is NO escalation system in airtel, if it exists ,it’s dysfunctional
  5. Facebook and twitter are just tools to drive traffic to airtelpresence website
  6. No one in airtel actually opens the facebook page, it’s all via automated system and the customer reps think saying “We want to make it up” solves the issue…Guess what it does not, you actually HAVE to resolve the problem–Surprised?

So now I am officially giving up my complaint , you have proved that airtel company is incapable of resolving simple issues. You lie in writing and then you set your vision to “be most loved brand”, may I ask How? By getting rid of all haters(All Customers)?

All the best with that, you are doing good

Airtel Vision statement



2 responses to “Airtel I Give UP”

  1. Gaurav Lakhanpal Avatar
    Gaurav Lakhanpal

    As their latest song goes,"I am not you and you are not me"

  2. Madhur Chadha Avatar
    Madhur Chadha

    hehehe..I tune out on their song

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