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2 extra hours a day

So what will i do if i had 2 extra hours a day…?

****This is my answer to the ultimate question of life…not really..just an answer to what will i do if i had 2 extra hours a day…here is present my thought process..
Note: This is un adulterated thought process of a demented mind…you may not understand everything ***********

How my brain sees the world
How my brain sees the world

So what will i do if i had 2 extra hours a day…?
let me think

Maybe sing a little more
irritate my room mates with my constant cacophony

a little more of poetry maybe
Gulzar and akhtars be ware i come..not really 😉

aah the good old procrastination
well why not..the world’s screwed up and life sucks…

how about some cooking
no no no..not allowed to be in situations where i can put other lives in danger
no not fire, but my cooking is the risk

then what…oooo

yes make the funny version of monalisa

look at pictures..
of my crush on facebook…hehe…too much information?

maybe maybe blog..
yeaah more of me to read

eat loads and get fat.
yaaay…more of me to love 😉


Write my book..
Ohh yeaah–how to save 2 hours a day

Look at the wall..
My Wall has so man shades…What does that mean
Ponder the life’s questions…
The answer to life is 42

what why cant i sleep more than 12 hrs

Ohh..last but not the least…
Make listsss on what i can do 😉



Heres my list, what’s yours?

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