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Be On My Side(original song) full text

people say ,that your too good for me
i know ,i can see
but i am trying hard,to match you style
so beeeee on my side

ill paint your nails ill brush your hair
ill do any thing to keep you here
ill sing you a song for every night
just to seeee see you smile

youll be my princess ill be your toad
our love will grow more an more
ill do any stupid stuff to make you smile
even act like a child
so beeee on my side

if i have to away for a while
i know ill miss you and i sure will cry
but when i come back il bring you love
and a kisssss for every mile
yes a kiss for every mile

il call you from work ill call you from play
ill tell you i love you every single day
we have our fights but ill always loose
every single timeeee
so beee on my side

you know that i love you
i know that you love me too
i can no longer let you go
so will you beee be my wife
beee on my side






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