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Tulips not Roses




I saw you today

and i dont know what to say…

I cant forget that shy laughter of yours…
That you couldnt control

Those eyes longing for me..
That distress i could see

I cant forget ur little irritations..
ur sweet conversaion in abbreviations

I cant forget that swirling of your hair..
Saying my heart stopped for a moment would be fair

I cant forget how we spent the entire time appreciating each other
telling how sweet cute we were looking,and we couldnt talk any further

How we were short of words..
and spent the time looking into each other eyes like love birds

those quie moments when we didnt know what to do or say….
How i wished forever those moments stay

if video chat could do that to our heart beat
what would happen when we really meet

thinking of that moment gives me chills…
i can no longer be satisfied with your photo stills

i wil be there to meet you soon
coming to surprise you and take you over the moon

and yes ill bring you what your heart desires
your favorites ,tulips not roses

m coming……soon
~Love Maddy

Tulips not oses

An old poetry


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