4 thoughts on “I feel happy now..:)

  1. Hey! Not bad at all! Quite good actually 🙂 I remember those days when you used to sing all the time and we used to beg you to stop 😛

  2. heheeh..thanks…I know…i lost that irritating touch some time back…now trying to get it back :P:P..i have a reputation to keep 🙂

  3. anyways i listened to your song butterfly…..amaziiiingg..why have you stopped singingggggggg???…..u ve got some amaziing talent…….plzz we wanna listen more

  4. I havent stop singing yaar, its just that I used to jam with seniors and they left. The juniors are studying all the time 🙁 As soon as something comes up will post!

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