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Tag: Life

  • Life Goes on

    There will be a time when u’l fail, a time when u will fall down, u wil wish dat this life should stop, because what you expected you dint get but mark these wrds as footsteps in ur mind, Dont weep dont mourn because wHateva happens this life goes on…

  • Nostalgia –Ode to college life and friends–Hindi Poetry

    Raah dekhi thi is din ki kab se aage ke sapne saja rakhe the najane kab se

  • Untitled reality

    Its an untitled reality poetry..suggest me something

  • Confused selfish me

    start this blog knowin nothing really what i want to talk about….i have a vague feeeling but nothin concrete….something to do with me ,my life…my dreams…what i am and what i want to be… as a child everyone has some dreams..aspirationsss….some hopes of bright future ….before you judge this as a blog of a whiner…