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Life Goes on


There will be a time when u’l fail,
a time when u will fall down,
u wil wish dat this life should stop,
because  what you expected you dint get
but mark these wrds as footsteps in ur mind,
Dont weep dont mourn because
wHateva happens this life goes on…

There wl b time when you will be rejected,
a time when your every talk will be objected,
a time when you will be all broken,
a time when relationhips will shatter
a time when you will be just  left alone,
whatever jst goes on….

never take a look back
of what it was how it was?
it will just hurt u badly
it  will just bring you more scars,
make your vision broad make your vision strong,
because you know what …Life Goes On…

Author: Karan Joshi

Slightly Edited by :Madhur chadha

Voice over: Madhur Chadha

This is one of the first entries for Your Creations My voice . If you want me to give voice to your creations ,just drop me a line:)

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Someday-Dreams aspirations and hope

Someday–a narrative on Dreams desires and hopes that we all have but hide,somewhere deep inside our hearts ,deep inside our memories. This is a time to dig it all out and bring it out in open


Someday i will be a big man

someday i will be successful

someday i will be my own boss

someday i will work for me

someday people will know me

someday i will not be part of the crowd

Someday i will do something big

someday people will look up and take notice

someday i will be a singer,writer and a poet


someday my words will  touch  people

Someday I will make people happy

Someday I will them smile

Someday I will make someone forget his pains

Someday i will be a part of someones life

someday someone will look up to me

someday i will be someones hero

someday i will get rid of all sorrows

someday i Will bring all  peace

someday i will change someones life for better

someday i will do something truly selflessly

some day i will forget her

someday the pain will be gone

someday i will do crazy stuff for love

someday my love will succeed

someday i will say those special words i love you to someone special

someday  i will be someones special

someday i will be a reason of someones happiness

someday someone will truely miss me

someday i will have a reason to live

someday i will have a reason to die

someday i will want to wake up

some day i will sleep the peaceful sleep

Someday i will not be bogged down by pressure

someday i will be Me

someday I will shed my inhibitions

someday I will be Free

someday  I will be willing for die for something

someday I  will be the change I want to see

someday I will find the true meaning of my life

someday it wont be too late

someday I will be complete

someday I will achieve nirvana

Someday maybe someday

I will change this world

someday i will be gone

someday someone will remember me with tears in their eyes and smile on their face

someday i will live in these words

someday i will live in someone memory

Someday my voice will be heard

Someday it will live on

Someday yes someday

I will leave behind a better world

Never let your somedays die…Someday represents tell that you are alive…still in the game…still you are going somewhere

…still have something to achieve…

As a great man once said “Picture abhi baki hai mere dost”

So what are your somedays? Leave them below as comments ,maybe your somedays become today


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