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  • Day 6–Super Kids–India is safe

    reaffirmed my faith that the kids are smarter, all they need is a little exposure and a little push and they can do wonders. Looking at these kids i felt safe ,these people will be running the country in the future and it feels safe. It reaffirmed my faith in organizations like Lead India 2020…

  • Tantrum throwers –Day 4 of 10 days for change

    Day 4 starts with a ride in HOT HOT hyderabad weather at 1:PM.What better start My repeated request to server team of lead india 2020 seem to have fell on deaf ears and have not received any response, but mein bhi dheet hoon…Lead india is conducting a master training camp in Oasis school on saturday…

  • Friends—Day 3-10 days for change

    So those who have been following the first 2 days…i Have been trying to develop a basic social networking site for Lead India 2020. Was trying to install some plugins on Lead India site but failed because of some FTP error. Still trying to go back an forth with the tech team who doesnt seem…

  • Day 1 of “10 days for change”–Also my 50’th post

    A discussion on strategy,meeting with Acharya and my inability to cross Hyderabad roads pretty much sums up my Day..and hey,my 50th post 🙂 m so happy.Last checked.. I had 130 visitors every day.I am so glad and thankful to all of you 🙂

  • Managing Teams in NGOs–what doesn’t work..My Take

    Why many voluntary organizations fail ,why is it more difficult to sustain an NGO than a business. Most volunteers suffer from short changed conscience IE their conscience gets satisfied earlier than their potential . Some basic rules to follow—My Take

  • Lead India 2020….first touch

    LEAD INDIA Today i fulfilled my long cherished dream of doing some social service my way. I joined lead india .My work is in career development aspect. my job is to train people in things like public speaking …wooow…i always wanted to do dat…did it in my college but only briefly…but wat i did today…