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  • One Million Magi- English Poem

    I am the spirit of my times, anonymous and numberless, I am occupy, I am love Seeing the cheer of the festive season and the despairing faceless alleyways I am suddenly more than, more real than, more people than I ever have been And I hear the earth calling, the bodhisattvas of the earth calling,…

  • Invincible Invincible Invincible, I am,

    Invincible Invincible Invincible, I am,

    Invincible Invincible Invincible, I am, Immortal Immortal Immortal ,I am, No death no war no sorrow no pain, all that is bad , all that is wrong, Happens to other people.

  • Ah the sweetness of nothingness

    Nail by nail, Stroke by Stroke, Seals my Coffin. Ah the sweetness of nothingness

  • Just a Moment

    It just takes a moment, for a moment to become a Moment, and before you realize the moment may become a missed moment, because maybe that moment ,you were mistaken It wasn’t The moment but it really was That moment.

  • Unending is Within

    Search, a place hidden, Search, a place that far, Search , a place lonely, Search, a place among the stars. All will lead you to one and only one truth the Unending is just Within.Galaxy Acrylic Painting

  • When the umbrella is gone

    And so it poured , Like heavens had given up, Like it was the end. The thunder was deafening, like it wanted to say something, or prevent something being said. There was a time I loved the rain, I danced , I jumped and thumped my chest But now

  • Dream Chaser

    My feet hurt, legs have given up. My only support the wooden stick , that I broke from a dead tree, seems to cry out of pain. The destination is far, farther than anyone thought. No lights ,no maps, with only the moon as my guide I walk. Just another day for me it is,…

  • Does it matter?

    How long you live, How well you live, does it matter?

  • Time Deficit: English Poem

    life oh life you have lost your shine where is my precious oh precious dear time the clock is running a hundred meter race my heart beat is also shooting up its pace

  • A Grey World

    Everything today is looking so damn dull grey The black and the white no longer in the fray The green and the red fallen by the way The blue and the yellow no longer so mellow