Who Said demonetisation was not planned ? An alternative viewpoint

Who said demonetisation was not planned?..all the people losing jobs, people dying in queues, elderly and sick waiting in lines for days without money, existential crisis for daily wagerers ,was all planned….
  • They knew how much money could be printed
  • They knew the ATM density
  • They knew how many people do not have access to “digital payments”
  • They knew how many daily wagerers are there
  • They knew that ATMs will need reconfiguration
  • They could easily calculate how long the ATMS queues would be and how many days an average person will have to wait in ATM line
  • They knew even the sick and elderly would need to stand in these lines
  • They knew it would put a lot of people with upcoming marriages at home in extreme stress
  • They knew some people would break
  • They knew some people would not be able to access medical facilities despite having money
  • They knew people would die
  • They knew some industries would collapse
  • They knew farmers would not be able to buy seeds
  • They knew the poorest would suffer the most
Do you think they did not know all this? If you insist that demonetisation was not planned or all these things were pure surprises , then you insist that the government is run by  idiots who do not even do basic homework…I won’t say that.
So stop saying demonetisation was not planned , give the government credit for all this.Give credit where it’s due.
It was all planned, just that we cannot fathom that the government could be this insensitive and this brutal on it’s own people.
Welcome to the new reality
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