AskMe app review

Recently was asked to review the APP Askme ( which claims to be the baap of all Apps.

So what exactly is AskMe?

Askme basically has 3 sections


This is supposed be a directory of everything. Eg, you search for mobilephones and it shows you mobile phone shops nearby you(It has access to your GPS location)


People can post ads related to your search term which you can see. Eg , someone can post an ad about selling a used mobile phone. ASKME app reviewEven you can post your ad if you wish.


A place where you can find deals related to your search history , eg: a mobile shop owner giving away free mobile cover with a nokia lumia 630

The App overall is a combination of justdial +craigslist+groupon . From a concept point of view , I love it . It is simple, clean interface and has the potential for becoming a one stop app for everything you need.


Real world test

So I decided to check how it fairs for real world scenarios. I let the APP use my GPS and auto detect my location . Then I searched for dentists and here are the results

  1. The App simply took my city as my location and did not bother to pick up my locality . Which I think is a big miss. Why should I search my locality when I have my GPS on
  2. The results were relevant ie: dentists and dental hospitals
  3. If I use the default location as set by the APP, it gave me results for dentists at teh other end of the city. I live in a place where you find a dentist at almost every KM stretch, still the app suggested me a dentist 30 Km away . Useless result
  4. The top two dentists were marker as premium, which basically means advertisements . Nevertheless not such a big issue if other results were relevant(which were not)
  5. I tried entering the locality , but that locality had only 2 listed dentists, i expected that it would at least list dentists in that locality and nearby locality since the results were so less

Then I searched for a very high queryshare  term

Mobile Phones

  1. My entire first page of result set was filled with premium Ads. I understand that you need ads, but not the full first page. That is insane . I had to scroll down , which reloads the page(it is a dynamic load) .
  2. Again, nearest mobile shops were too far away, when there is one right next to my lane
  3. Some deals were incomprehensible , I saw a “deal” where a pic of a mobile phone along with its name and name of the shop were written. Where was the deal? It did not even mention the price. I see no point in such a deal.



It is a powerful idea to combine all these context specific services , but the App at the moment seriously lacks in data quality . It is not Baap of all Apps yet, but it can be



If you are one of the Product Manager working on this and want some user feedback , this section is for you 🙂

  1. What is this whole idea about not detecting my locality ? You cannot succeed until you suggest me ads and things near me. It is like the number 1 feature a user expects . (My Location: Hyderabad, GPS signal strength: Full)
  2. You need users first and then get ads. Do you see whatsapp giving ads? Hold on , do not go overboard with ads so early. First get the people hooked.
  3. Data quality: At least the deals section needs to be very clear


So end: Is not Baap of all Apps, but can be.

You can try the App here 

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  1. if u r going to Online shopping than this is the wrong way to go with the ask me for online shopping because i hv ordered 2 times on it but they cancelled my order without any reason.

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