Day 2 of “10 days to change”..Young guns of India

Extremely hectic day again.Started with a discussion on communication workshop action points and then was part of interview panel for

The highlight of the day was meeting with core committee of Nirmaan( Nirmaan is an NGO started by few  BITS pilani guys to build a poverty free ,knowledge powered and economically empowered Nation.They had come to ISB to talk to people about imbibing best practices of management in their Organization

Now these are the guys who are hell bent on changing india but still are doing their normal jobs.They work in IBM but still are the driving force behind the organization.

Nirmaan Logo

And before you judge,this is not a small organization of a few guys,its an enormous corporate style organization with very clear defined goals and has over 5 franchise all over India.

It was a great learning experience to discuss the  challenges they are facing in  their organization and finding out that it was the exact thing bothering our organizations as well.

They have done some amazing work already ,biggest one being launching a toll free helpline for rural students for career counseling where they give them information about courses,exams,scholarships etc.

Biggest problem in rural areas is lack of knowledge ,they have dreams but no guidance on how to achieve them,this helpline bridges that gap. It is currently limited only to a small area and i wish to see it launched at a national level soon. Best part is that it is funded majorly by the state government.. It was  a pleasure interacting with these young guns of India,such clarity of vision and thought, such professionalism, I felt I was in the presence of Narayan Murthi’s of social sector.Much can be learned from them

And the final feather in today’s cap was that we were able to finalize the requirements for Upcoming Lead India National clubs website . (LI main website is at :

It was a long  4 hr discussion which went up until 1AM but an extremely fruitful one. My Infosys Business analyst training finally paid off :),i felt like brains storming with business again to get the requirements out.

Thankfully it was almost the same as I had already implemented on our test sites. Tomorrow have a meeting tech team of LI which manages the website to finally implement

Fun part is ,Lead India is conducting a camp for 570 Clubs next week which will cover over 8000 change agents,and we plan to launch the website with them as the first set of users.8000 users as test users :O now thats un imaginable by any standards,even corporate portals we develop in infosys.

We hope this portal will bring about accountability and finally increase in output of various activities we do. The numbers are mind boggling, consider this, these 8000 change agents might go ahead and train around 80,000 more people and, as a part of suppose green initiative everyone plants a tree, if this portal by virtue of accountability and visibility is able to effect 10% of the people ,we land up with 8000 more trees and this is just from one camp….

Finally home at 2 AM..

Total brainstorming of the day: 7+hrs..m loving it…Crashing  now….

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If readership was like relationship,Breaking up would be hard



What if  blogging was really a relationship. Relationship between author and readers?

If blogger and reader had a relationship
Breakup would be hard

I was recently reading a blog about “Breaking up with a blog” where the author Hajra listed top reasons for stopping to read a blog. She listed reasons like annoying popups etc as a reason she stopped visiting a blog.

But the topic made me think, what if it really was like a relationship and all rules of breakup applied?What if you need to officially breakup before you stoppped reading a website :P..what could be the reasons of breakup

1. The blogger would have a hard time as there might be potentially 100s of breakups every month…A 100 heartbreaks every month 😛

2.It would be hard to argue over things like.. what i said and what you said.the blog would have everything documented

3.What if you want to start reading it again? It will be like mending the old bridges

4. There would be no loss of old good memories as a simple archive would pull out everything like fresh 🙂

Top reasons for breakup could be something like:

1. Its so difficult to reach you ,you dont let me in (if comment section is difficult to find)

2.You dont express your feelings(if the reader doesn’t comment)

3. You don’t value my feelings(if blogger doesn’t respond)

4.You give others more importance in your life(if the blogger doesn’t reply to your comments specifically)

5. You are always about Me Me and Me and not Us(if blogger talks mostly of himself)

6. You dont listen to me,you just hear me not listen. (If the reader usually leaves the same comment such as “Nice,Good work”)

7. You always compare,stop being so self centered(if all the reader does is give a link to his/her blog n comments)

8. There is someone else in my life..(If reader finds another site/blog where he/she spends most of her/his time)…this one would be funny

ok  this is getting a little wierd now :P…What do you think could be the top reasons to breakup here? and have you broken up with any site/blog yet?

I am trying to breakup with

because I am really unhappy with soo much ads , but I am unable to ,just because i am so used to it, i guess i need to move on but its hard to let go 😛

So again,what site you have broke off with and why?Or is there some site you want to breakup with up but unable to 😛 like a bad relationship


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Age of Introverts- The future is different

The dawn of modern times and the complete take over by social networking sites have brought up an interesting debate: many people complain that personal relationships are no longer personal ,we have started interacting less in public but more on the internet, a friend is just a contact in Facebook/Orkut, we no longer talk and how it is destroying our personal and social skills. I tend to agree with all this on surface ,but sometimes I think..

Remember that guy who you just found on orkut ,who as per his profile was your classmate for 6 years ,but you never noticed him? Now you found how talented that seemingly looser is

remember that girl who you never talked to in college ?But you found out now how much in common you had, and ironically she is your best online buddy

that flirty guy in college you always had a fight with? how he came back and apologized for the things you no longer remembered…

that bully who now became a counselor for terminally ill patients, and grew in respect?

All this is possible because of the age and dawn of social networking. Agreed that it is killing our previously termed “social skills” but what exactly are social skills?

Social skills are just ways and methods of interaction, etiquettes and  behavior. If the definition holds true ,then this is exactly what social networking is all about. Those rules still apply

it is just that it is on the internet. The society has changed, it is no longer limited to one city ,one state or one country. If the society changes it makes sense to change our social etiquettes.

And hasn’t it made easy to get in touch with people? Remember when I referred to a guy who was your classmate for 6 years and you don’t even recollect his name? Imagine you are that guy, you may those introverted ones who did not speak much, who just blend in the background, you are not a social or a talkative person and maybe don’t want to be. But that does not mean you do not want to be in touch, to know about your classmates, let them know about you .You could use those seemingly insignificant birthday wishes on Orkut, maybe use them to strike a conversation with the girl you always wanted to talk to but could never gather enough courage…

Now in the comfort of your house you can talk, contemplate what to say to whom .You may not be the witty one in school or college but that does not stop you from being you. Using these tools you can actually get in touch with the right people,know about them and let them know that you are who you are and what you do…

it gives you a sense of company, it feels good to have friends. Believe me ,it might seem nonsense to some but it still feels good to have a good number of people in your friend list. You still feel happy on receiving happy birthday scraps, even if it is from people you have not spoken to in over a year, also you find it comfortable to use the instant scraps to wish people happy birthday with whom you have not talked in a year. Yes it might not  be very personal but, at least the link is not broken.

In case social networking was not there, a link once broken would be broken forever and for introverts it means 99.9% links, because they may not be the type of people who can talk and talk ,call up people discuss on things. They just are not like that,but they can write: an occasional scrap an infrequent  chat….

I believe the last generation belonged to the extroverts, the witty ones, the talkative ones, but the next one is for the introverts…the nerds…and the “out of sight out of mind” ones………

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