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Colors on Canvas-My Painting Trials

It is all about how you express yourself. I sure am biased towards poetry and words to express an Idea but overall , I find it hard to differentiate between any form of expression.Be it dance, words,melodies or a painting ,they all can be used to express an idea or evoke an emotions
Once a while I try my hand at painting. No I am not a painter and can hardly paint, I cannot draw to save my life but still painting feels good, feels refreshing and extremely relaxing.
I have never learned painting and all my knowledge source is YouTube and a few friends who sometimes give me tips..
I wish I could paint:)
But here are some basic paintings I did recently on canvas. I have tried Poster colors but Acrylic colors on canvas is something I love

Canvas painting of planets
I am afraid to sleep ..because i might miss the magic..
Canvas painting
Canvas painting of lonely tree in sunset
Sunset,Take me away with you, I want to ride the rays


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