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Tantrum throwers –Day 4 of 10 days for change

Day 4 starts with a ride in HOT HOT hyderabad weather at 1:PM.What better start

My repeated request to server team of lead india 2020 seem to have fell on deaf ears and have not received any response, but mein bhi dheet hoon…Lead india is conducting a master training camp in Oasis school on saturday and sunday and it was essential that we give them proper training of the system.

So finally installed all necessary plugins on my test website

and conducted a small training session for some of the trainers.

Narotham,sudershan acharya and me from  lead india 2020
Narotham(left),Sudershan Acharya(founder of lead india 2020) and me.

Its been a great experience interacting with Acharya. He speaks on a  very big level,but abstract,he has the vision and speaks with emotion and passion. I have the dirty job to rid all requirements of any kind of emotions,passion and abstraction and break it down to the basic level that is fit enough for the system to intreact.
Acharya talks about how we can track progress,showcase to the world what these training programs are doing,how students questioning power is increasing etc and we finally tell him :ok you need a form to fill up with these questions in them.

Perfect learning experience for me,maybe i am on my way to become a consultant
Planning to go to Yaganti to meet Narothams,spiritual leader and also make measurements and finalize the structure/dimensions of his upcoming ashram. Reached Asias biggest bus stop at around 12:30 AM

We changed 3 busses before finalizing on our Vahan :P, bus 1 was direct but uncomfortable,bus 2 was comfortable but charged 1.5 times and finally we went for bus 3. Man we have tantrums…..



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Simply Random

Day 1 of “10 days for change”–Also my 50’th post

First day @hyderabad turned out to be pretty hectic but productive, went directly to ISB from airport to meet Narotham.

After having a sumptuous meal in ISB got a chance to interact with Chakrawarti one of the founders of  and discuss about various strategies.

Also got a chance to hear about a workshop being conducted for teens  by one of ISB Teaching associate. Truely remarkable. It seems everyone here is up-to something. If you live in a place like this how can you stay unaffected.

The place does have a certain aura about it.Later in the evening stopped at Oasis school to meet with Sudarshan Acharya.

Lead India 2020
Lead India 2020..aap bado desh ko badao

Though unplanned ,was  able to demonstrate the “Lead India national Club” website I had developed. Was able to get his input and it seems the pilot roll out is going to happen very soon,probable a day or 2.

After that had a Long tiring 1 hr back seat  bike ride   back home with all my luggage.Narotham’sMom cooked some awesome food and was kind enough to cook me special Paranthas, 🙂

Crashing now,,,,,.have to meet “Vande Mataram Youth Front” representative  tomorrow 8  AM . Have been working with them for 6 months,finally will get a chance to meet some.


On a personal note,it was really embarrassing to see that I was not able to cross a road in Hyderabad. I prided myself on crossing roads in the busiest areas of Delhi and Faridabad and here I was stuck in Hyderabad.Poor Narotham had to cross back to help me cross.

Either the traffic in Hyderabad is worse or i have lost my touch and US has made me Lazy :P..What do you think?

And also,this is my 50th blog post,thanks a loot to all the people who subscribed and actually read my blog.Its a huge encouragement 🙂

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