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Best Names for a Pet

Company discussion forums can be really interesting, recently after scores of baby names and movie names etc there was a discussion of Pet Names..Here are the best ones i thought i share with the world…Hats Off to people who keep this name

Jayanti Lal


SAILAAB —Bhaago Bhaag Sailaab aa gaya….Or Bhago Sailaaab ko Sailaab aa gaya :P(dog has to pee)





BAKHTAWAR—-Ok i love this one

Tees Maar Khan—


Wou Wou–Maybe Chinese Dog 😛




So what are the wierd names you can think offf and whoch one of teh above is the best 🙂


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What inspires me to write..for whom I write..the real truth…deepest secrets

Over the years people have asked me what really drives me,what inspires me to write. When and why did I start writing. Well guys let me tell you frankly what it was. It was a movie,yes a movie . A general movie,nothing great in the script,villans,hero,heroin…rape scene etc etc. But it was no the script but the brilliant dialogs. The Dialogs of the movie were simply sugar to the ears,so poetic so pleasing to teh ears and so apt. It was like i was listening to a play by Shakespeare but in hindi.

I listened to the dialogs again and again and again untill i felt asleep .Instead of songs, these dialogs became my sleeping aid. I woke up with them ,i slept with them and i always thought about them.

Finally i decided I will write,write until I write something equally matchable,something that can be counted in the same league as those brilliant dialogs. Its been 10 years now and I am still trying to write like that ,sadly I havent even achieved even 10% of what I want.

Will I ever be able to write my masterpiece? Will i even be able to write like that. Maybe..maybe on my last day in this world

What inspires me to write
Why are you reading this? Its just a dumb pen stand. You want an explanation for this?



For those interested in viewing a pefect indian shakespear here is a link to my inspiration


Please do comment and let me know if you liked it?


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