A day with Tablet–Contest Post


Somi did not like to wake up early , but sadly she had a meeting at 6:00 AM in the morning . At sharp 5:30 AM her Tablet , working as an alarm clock in stand mode , blazed the most annoying songs , songs that she rarely listened to or simply skipped.

Wretched Tab , Somi said. It knows which songs I hate and hence plays it to wake me up.

She opened her eyes barely , her coffee was ready, the tab had started the coffee maker .The tab was also showing how well she slept,calculating it based on how much she rolled over .

She got up, took a bath and had her breakfast. She took a pic of breakfast with her Tab and it immediately recognised the food and quantity and added the calories she was to consume.

Her call started at sharp 6:00 over video conferencing. After a short call, she was all set to go to office.

She put everything in her bag, her keys, the tab,wallet.

As she started driving towards her office ,she realised she has forgotten her Tab charger, but it was ok. The tab still had 80% charge, even during night it went into power saving mode and only the clock worked , thus saving it from dying out.

The tab was automatically playing a soothing music track, as if telling Somi to calm down. The tab knew she was feeling irritated, because she was driving faster than usual and also because the tab had biosensors on it’s sides ,and whenever Somi touched it, it recorded her essential bio signals such as heart rate.

The tab also knew that she had slept late and did not have complete REM sleep.It advised her to slow down , while telling her that her next meeting was in the afternoon, lots of time it said.

She reached office, parked her car and went inside. As soon as it connected to the office network the tab started a new session, completely different from her home sessions. Everything as per the company. She connected her keyboard and went on with her daily job of copy editing articles. She loved her job , but her lack of sleep was taking  a toll on her.

She went by her day as usual and the tab gave her suggestions in between to keep her cheerful , tried to play music as per her mood , suggested her to take breaks, told her that she is not having water and also gave her small exercises to do in between.

As the day progressed the tab had a surprising message ..

“Hey Somi, you seem to be a little down today, why not have a piece of chocolate cake? Don’t worry, you have not taken enough calories today, we will adjust .Won’t  mess up your eating plans”

This completely made her day :).One chocolate cake and 2 more hours of work later , Somi headed back to work.

Tab guided her to her car in the parking lot, it had picked up the GPS location and knew exactly where she parked. It also suggested she walk instead of taking a lift, she had not taken enough steps today(it counted) , and remember that chocolate cake?

Home sweet home, she checked her calendar , marked which meetings were essential and let het tab take over.

Last Tab Message of the day:

Somi, you have a meeting at 10:00 tomorrow, so we can sleep a little more :). Also remember you did not sleep well yesterday, so go to bed early . And I promise to not wake you up with the songs you don’t like. And hey, my battery is a little low, 30% only. Do plug me in, let me have my calories also :). Good night, see you tomorrow morning 🙂


This is a contest entry for blogging contest by Lenovo


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Simply Random

WeChat–Let’s Talk

So we have been asked to name 5 or more  living or dead real or fictional  people in a we chat group.To be frank I was confused, there are SO MANY possibilities . I could connect Socrates and Hitler and make them talk about sanctity of human life as per them  or maybe Tom and Jerry to see how they fight on chat, or maybe the road runner and Wile E. Coyote and see more Coyote’s plans fail. How about dexter(Cartoon) and Transformer along with didi ..Man that would be fun, the little dexter would freak out .

Anyways after much thought I decided on these people apart from me in the group

But first

What will we talk about?

We will play the game of werwolf( also called Mob) where participants are divided into villagers and Mob members (Villagers do not know who the mobsters are) and they have to verbally fight out and convince each other of their innocence and vote out one person at a time. Basically the game relies on mind games, lies and deception(by mobster) and ends up in LOT of arguing, groupism and friendly fights :P. We will take this to a new level by playing it over WeChat. Think about it, multiple parallel conversations going on between people and the main stuff going on in this group

My List:

Dolly BindraDolly Bindra: Oh yes the BIG BOSS fame one.Would be fun to have her there, and you know what?  We will target her for elimination very early and she will have to fight to not get eliminated .I know , I know some of  you hate her , so , Just for the fun: she will not be allowed to use Voice messages on wechat :D..She can ONLY use TEXT…No Emoticons or pictures for her too :D. Now that would be cruel. She has to express her anger by typing with CAPSLOCK whenever she is angry…Oh wait, That would mean ..ALL THE TIME


Kristen StewartKristen Stewart: Oh yes the twilight actress, oh she is HOT. But before you guess what she is doing there, let me tell you the rules of chat for her. NO TEXT …ONLY PICTURES. SO basically , she will have to express her feelings by sending pictures of her face :D. I mean so many people around the world are waiting to see her second expression, think about the possibilities when she has to converse with just her face.


Sheldon CooperSheldon Cooper:  Oh man, I am sure he will not understand why it is funny to not let Dolly speak and to make Kristen act and this would be hilarious to see. I am sorry I sound cruel 😛 but the group would be super fun with somebody so obnoxious yet so lovable in the group(I am talking about Sheldon Cooper). And yes let me see how he applies logic to the randomness of the game MOB



spong bob square pantsSponge Bob Square pants: Come on people, we need some cheer around here. I mean this guy can simply lift you up when you are down. He will be positive every single time



Amitabh BachhanAmitabh Bachhan:  And behold the one who will speak the most. He will be like a narrator, moderator  and even translator cum voice for all people not speaking(Dolly and Kristen). I mean who better than him.He will take the game to the next level


And if you thought this was great, let me surprise you a little. The last but not the least person in the group would be




Morgan FreemanMorgan Freeman: Oh Man, this would be awesome, can you believe Morgan Freeman along with Amitabh Bachhan speaking. How much more epic can it get?I mean you would actually feel like listening to what Dolly might have to say(In Freeman’s voice obviously), that awesome. And why Morgan Freeman?

” Because he announced his own birth” .

Ok jokes aside, read the following line in Morgan Freeman’s Voice and you will know

Morgan freeman doesn’t listen to  no for an answer, you know why? Because he is the one speaking. And when he speaks, HE SPEAKS

These two people can take a normal chat to an artistic level, a chat that can inspire people to do the impossible, to change the world…Ok I am just blabbering now


SO this is my group, the decision was difficult I must say. Other strong contenders that I considered but could not add to the list were

  • The Great annoying Orange: He can annoy ANYONE, he is the fruit version of Sheldon Cooper
  • Poonam Pandey
  • Kamal R Khan
  • Manmohan Singh: I would have forced him to ONLY SPEAK
  • Lady Gaga
  • Peter Griffin

And let me end with a nerdy joke

“List to apani honi chahiye, Linked to Linkedin bi hai”…

Ok I am bad at it,only computer engineers might understand it..and still not laugh :(…. No more jokes and all the best 😀


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