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  • Dance of the monkeys…Hail Democracy

    Disgusted appalled and shamed by the government,opposition and the media I Here by request them to do just a few Thing each.Just a few . Mumbai is still nursing its wounds, please stop disrespecting them,please stop this mockery

  • Battle Won Not the war!!

    This is a Huge victory for India and Anna. But before we celebrate and down our defenses ,remember its just the begining Finally Government has relented and has agreed to issue a formal order to constitute a committee composed both of beauracracy and people from Civit society to draft the Lokpal bill.

  • Five ways to support Anna Hazare

    top 5 ways to support Anna

  • Why Anna Hazare’s Victory is so essential for us

    A 71 year old man named Anna Hazare has decided to fast unto death unless government rectifies and gives more teeth to a bill called Lokpal bill ,do we really care?? Why his winning is so important fot our generation