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Timeless You by Deepak chopra: Review

Recently I was approached to review an online course called Time Less You by Deepak Chopra.

Before I get on to the course itself, let me first speak about the website that hosts the course, Really easy to navigate, find information and complete the courses. The course that I did, and am still doing, let me navigate back and forth seamlessly whenever I needed to refer something, really smooth speed and experience.

Coming back to the course, Timeless You: This course is about how you can be within the 15 years range of your chosen age. But before you get excited , it is more from a mental age perspective :). The idea is how you can feel and react to things based on the age you chose.

The main crux that I got from the course was , how you can be as happy in present as you were in your best age. Though personally I do not subscribe to this philosophy , as I believe your best is always ahead of you .

But if we go beyond the title and look at the content, it definitely is useful, it talks about re igniting your childhood passions, being awe struck and bringing back the curiosity. It is like a good self help book, put together as a seminar. So if books are not your thing , this can be a good start.

Yes you may not agree on many things, or may have different views, but whatever strikes a chord for you can bring back the things from sub conscious to conscious memory. We all know we need to be curious ,thankful and happy, but sometimes we need to be reminded.

PS there are a lot many courses in Timeless You program, I have done only 2 yet . Other courses deal with Health and mindful eating, which definitely look inviting

You can buy the program at


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