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Black white and the grays in between- Book Review

**********A little  Disclaimer *********

Gosh! it is tough to review a book written by a friend. There are two reasons why it’s tougher for me: The author Abhishek Hemrajani is not only my friend from ISB(batchmate)  but was also my colleague in Microsoft. I consider him an extremely smart dude, so the moment I knew he published a book, I knew I was picking it up.

The issue with reviewing a book written by someone you know is ,that it is hard to be completely unbiased. You either are too forgiving or too merciless because you go overboard with trying to be “unbiased”. It is like being a teacher’s Son…Teachers are either too caring or too strict so that other kids do not feel a bias .
I will try my best to not fall for both the pitfalls.

***Disclaimer Ends**

TLDR Version : Black white and the grays in between is a great book especially considering this is Abhishek’s first book. An easy read .

Should you buy the book?: Yes

PS: Review coming from someone who is not a fan of this genre of books

Longer version :

Overall I really liked the book. The plot is pacy  and there were not many instances where there were unnecessary explanations or forced words

The story line is tight with no loose ends or over the top melodrama. Many sensitive situations have been handled beautifully . I wanted to talk about some of the situations but it may give away the plot :). What I liked most about the characters was that they were very relatable, they were just like you and me.They mostly behaved the way they were expected to behave. You could see why they made the choices they made.

I was able to imagine every character and every scene vividly in my head and can happily say that the author did a great job here .

Another thing that struck me was the amount of research the author seemed to have done about the doctor’s profession . Dude, you know a lot 🙂

What I would have loved to see though is more stuff about Kanak’s father Keshav. I felt that his character needed to be developed further , I just expected a bit more . Same is the case with Ashar .Would have to loved to read a bit more about his and Rukhsar’s story .

Another  interesting part of the book were couplets at a couple of places. It is fairly tough to pull this off . Couplets are very difficult beasts to tame and can break the flow of the story or just add another beautiful dimension altogether  . The author chose to use them very judiciously  :+1 to that.

Overall it is a very well balanced book. Considering that it is Abhishek’s first book only , I can only imagine what the expectations from his next books would be. He has set high benchmarks for himself :).

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Book Reviews Reviews


DO NOT read this book before going to bed

DO NOT read this book if you are very happy with your career

DO NOT read this book if you are trying to relax

It is a good idea to read a book before going to bed but NOT if it is Elon Musk’s Biography. With most books you either expect to doze off mid-book  or finish the book and just sleep happy ,but NOT with this one.

This book will neither let you sleep easily nor give you the satisfaction of finishing a book , rather, it will force you to ask yourself , WTF are you doing with your life? It will kick you in your gut, make you feel energetic and wake you up as if you just drank 10 cups of coffee.

Let’s do some shit…you will shout

This is the man who is pretty much single-handedly trying to change the course of humanity. Many of his decisions do not make “business sense” but you know what? Musk Don’t Care

Many of his decisions do not make “business sense” but you know what?

Musk Don’t Care

Fossil fuels are bad…No problemo, musk has Electric car to the rescue with tesla , but how to charge those batteries? Well Solar city just reinvented how to store solar power …and if all that fails to save our earth , the man is planning to setup a colony on mars Via SpaceX.

This is not a childhood dream or an essay in school about “What do you want to do when you grow up”..This is real.

When most CEOs email their employees about goals, they speak about X users, Y revenue ..Musk talks about ..I want to secure Mars before I go public.

Ashlee Vance has also done a brilliant job in humanizing this godly figure of Elon Musk.

He is an imperfect Man, like all of us , trying to change the course of humanity by sheer, hard work , focus and an unimaginable appetite to take risks ….YOLO


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